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Hi, I’m john
I have been a springer spaniel owner for over ten years now and have had three springers in that time and have dealt with just about everything a springer can throw at you, from puppies to injuries and everything in between.

I still have two springers now, Missy and Indy (pictured above), and they keep me on my toes.
I have bred three litters of beautiful springer spaniel puppies in that time, all finding new loving homes!
I have also worked one of my springers on a local sporting estate “picking up” for a season that was great fun, and I’m sure the dog loved it too.

With my passion for springer spaniels, I wanted to create this site to share what I have learned in my time of owning springer spaniels and hopefully help someone out.

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  • Do you need to cut a springer spaniel’s nails?

    Do you need to cut a springer spaniel’s nails?

    The English springer spaniel is a very active dog. With regular daily walks, they will likely keep their nails at a suitable length if walking on hard ground such as asphalt or concrete paths.  However, if your springer only ever walks on grass or other soft ground, they may not be wearing the nail down…

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  • Do Springer Spaniels Have a Double Coat?

    Do Springer Spaniels Have a Double Coat?

    Yes, springer spaniels have a double coat, the springer spaniel breed has a thick, dense coat, and their fur is tight to the body to help them deal with rough and wet conditions. They also have long feathering around their legs, ears, and tail, giving them an almost fluffy appearance at times.  What is a…

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