Do you need to cut a springer spaniel’s nails?

springer spaniel's nails

The English springer spaniel is a very active dog. With regular daily walks, they will likely keep their nails at a suitable length if walking on hard ground such as asphalt or concrete paths. 

However, if your springer only ever walks on grass or other soft ground, they may not be wearing the nail down enough naturally, and they may need to be trimmed. Walking on a hard rough surface acts like a giant nail file, gradually wearing the nail away to the correct length.

How to tell if a springer spaniel’s nails are too long?

With your springer standing on a hard surface, there should be a slight gap of around 1-2 mm between the nail and the ground; this is the correct length for the nail. If the nail is touching the ground slightly, don’t worry; a couple of walks, as mentioned above, should correct it in no time. I would not advise trying to cut a nail of this length as you will likely cut into the quick inside of the nail. 

If the nail is touching the ground and you notice it is pushing the toe up and back, this is too long, and the nail should be trimmed a little.

Springer spaniel dew claws too long?

How to tell if a dew claw is too long? A dew claw that is too long will often catch on things around the house, such as rugs or their bedding; this can be a problem as dew claws can easily be damaged or broken, so what to look for?

The dew claw should have a slight curve but not catch on things; any signs of the nail curling or beginning to grow in a circle is too long.

Should I cut my dog’s nails or let a professional do it?

As with many things, it is often safer and easier to let a pro do the job, but cutting your springers nails can be quick and easy if you have a willing dog and the correct kit. 

However, if your springer is not so keen on a pedicure, it may be best to let a pro get it done.

Useful tips for cutting a springer spaniels claws

Before I cut my springer spaniels nails, I like to ensure the paws are clean of any mud or debris by giving the feet a quick wash. After bath time is an ideal time to do it, then I will go ahead and give the paws a trim around with a pair of straight scissors to tidy up any long fur that may get in the way of me seeing what I am doing when cutting the nails (be careful not to cut the webbing between the toes). 

Also, between the toes is a common place for matting of the fur to occur and grass seeds to get stuck, so also a good chance to take care of that.

Moving on to cutting your springers nails, it helps massively if your dog is used to being handled and touched without causing a fuss. 

If they do kick up a fuss, I would recommend putting the clippers away and don’t force things. 

Spend a few days just playing with the feet and toes when petting your springer.

If you have a puppy, do this as early as you can, this gets them used to that part of the body being touched as if often is not, and they will soon learn there is nothing to worry about.

Once you are over the hurdle of touching the paws, try to get your springer calm (easier said than done!).

Try to avoid other distractions in the room for your springers, such as other people or pets, or even their favorite toy, as this can make them uneasy and hard to work with. 

In some cases, another person can be helpful to hold your springer while you cut the nail.

Try to cut too much off at once. 2-3mm at a time is plenty if you are new to it; if you are cutting a really long nail, as you trim the nail, the inside of the nail will be almost like the rings in a tree as you start to get closer to the quick you will start to see a round circle appear in the middle of the nail stop at that point any further you risk cutting the quick

Some useful items when cutting your springer spaniels nails

Cutting a springer spaniel’s nails can be a quick and easy task if you have a willing dog, but there are some useful tools to have on hand to make the job a little easier!

  1. The obvious one is a good sharp pair of dog nail clippers. I can’t stress enough the importance of a quality pair of sharp clippers; the problem with cheap and often blunt nail clippers often crush rather than cut the nail cleanly.
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  • Sharp blades are made of high quality stainless. Unlock protection prevent children from using it.
  • Free Hidden Nail File conveniently stored in handle will allow you to polish sharp nails to perfection.
  • Safety stop blade greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails too short.
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  1. A not-so-obvious one is a small flashlight or torch; this is used to locate the quick inside the nail; by shining the flashlight through the nail, you can see how much nail can be removed safely.
  1. A nice bag of tasty treats but try not to overdo it! Stick to something healthy such as small pieces of chicken. Each time a nail is clipped, give a small reward, and you will have a much easier time next time.
  1. A well-lit room will make life much easier.
  1. A small cloth can be helpful to have around incase you cut a little too far and catch the quick; there will likely be a little blood, but this should stop relatively quickly, and they will lick it clean, try not to worry too much if you do this, chances are this will very rarely happen. Do not let this put you off.
  1. With some dogs, a muzzle may be required for your safety. It would be very rare for your springer to bite you, but you will be the best judge of your dog and its personality and temperament, but it is something to keep in mind.

In summary

Cutting your springer spaniels claws does not have to be a daunting task. With the correct tools and a little time and patience, it can be quick and easy for both of you. In most cases, just changing the walking habits may be enough to make it so needing a trim is very rare.