How Many Puppies Can a Springer Spaniel Have – It’s More Than You Think!




How Many Puppies Can a Springer Spaniel Have

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So, you have a reputable breeder picked out, and springer spaniel puppies are on the way. You may get one puppy out of the litter, but there are other people already in line for puppies too.

Will there be a puppy for you? How many puppies can a springer spaniel have? Well, I don’t know how many people are waiting for a puppy, but generally, the average litter size for a springer spaniel is six puppies. This is not written in stone. Many factors affect how many puppies a springer can have.

One Springer in the UK had 15 Puppies!

In the following reading, you’ll learn about how many puppies a springer spaniel can have and how different elements can influence the number of puppies in a litter.

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Breeding in Springer Spaniels

The English springer spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a compact build, and crammed into all of that compactness; you’ll find a pup that’s affectionate, friendly, happy, and energetic.

The springer spaniel is a prevalent breed and quite well known for showing excellently in dog shows, being a stellar working dog and also a phenomenal family pet, although, I should say, a family member.

Being as popular as the springer is, it’s not hard to find a breeder. Just be sure that the breeder you choose is very reputable and highly regarded.

Responsible breeders will have dogs they plan to breed, both male and female, checked by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy before breeding. They should have a physical exam, bloodwork, and in some cases, genetic testing to ensure no hereditary diseases are present that can be passed down to the puppies.

They should also be up to date on all shots and vaccinations. Breeders usually have a veterinarian that they work with.

The female should be in excellent condition, not overweight or underweight, to carry the puppies to full term without complications. Ensuring that the mother is healthy will avoid any medical issues during labor and delivery and safeguard the puppies.

Females generally come into their first season between six and eight months of age, and they should never be bred in their first cycle. Waiting until their third cycle at one and a half or two years is safer and healthier for both mother and springer puppies.

What Factors Can Determine the Litter Size?

There is no guarantee in life, and there is no exact science in determining the number of puppies in a litter. Being a rare scenario, springer spaniels have given birth to up to fifteen puppies. This again is unusual but not out of the question.

Many factors can determine how many puppies a springer spaniel can have. Most springer spaniels will have a litter of four to six puppies, but that is not absolute. The size of the breeding dogs is one deciding factor in litter size.

Toy poodles may often only have a litter of one. A St. Bernard’s litter may consist of ten puppies. This shows that a bigger dog equals more room for more embryos.

Now, the English bulldog, for instance, is not an extremely large dog, it is a nice sturdy and solid dog, but they usually only have a litter of one to two puppies.

Sometimes it is also necessary for a cesarean section to be performed. Two reasons why buying a bulldog is so costly is supply and demand. They are quite a popular dog, but litters consist of only one or two, and the buyer will incur the expense of medical treatment and small litter.

Another consideration in the size of litters is that if the male is larger than the female, there will be more puppies and a smaller litter.

The health of both males and females plays an important role in the number of puppies in a spaniel litter and their overall health. This is why the health of both the male and female should be considered before breeding.

Nutrition is yet another aspect that affects litter size. The breeding mother should first be nutritionally sound before conceiving. She should be fed high-quality, healthy food while pregnant to ensure that her puppies are getting the right nutrients while growing inside their mother.

The mother also needs to be physically healthy because, after birth, she must be able to feed the puppies successfully, and puppies are hungry and quite demanding. This puts extra stress and strain on the mother.

If she is not healthy before breeding, she will be unable to feed, nurture, and sustain her spaniel puppies properly.

Lastly, the mother’s age also plays a role in the number of puppies in the litter. Generally, the first litter that a female springer has is the smallest.

Future litters are usually larger in number until around the age of seven, and then spaniels will have litters that are smaller in number. The father’s age plays a small role in the number of puppies.

If breeders want to know litter size, an ultrasound can be done on the mother at around three weeks, which is fairly on spot for determining how many puppies they’ll be. These tests can be costly and are mostly performed only if a medical problem is suspected.

Just keep in mind that since springer spaniels are so popular and with so many spaniel breeders, there are probably puppies born every minute!

Final Thoughts

How many puppies can a springer spaniel have? the average litter size for a springer spaniel is six puppies,  but determining the size of a springer spaniel litter is part science and part chance. Chance is on your side!

Disclaimer does not provide veterinary advice. We aim to provide you with information to enable you to make a good decision when making a purchase or to care for your dog.

All content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned about the health of your pet, you should contact your vet for advice.

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