English springer spaniel Shedding – All you need to know


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If you are looking for a handsome family companion, then try the English springer spaniel. The springer is a sweet-faced and trusty buddy with brilliant brains, high energy, and excellent stamina. 

Having been exposed for centuries to the natures of the field, the English springer spaniel is a fierce, muscular dog with a double dense coat.

The weatherproof coat tends to shed a large amount of fur throughout the year. If you don’t want the pet to shed on your home, ensure you exercise routine grooming, brushing, thinning, and trimming.

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Typically, a springer has double coats. The coats insulate the pet from harsh weather conditions, especially during the cold season.

The topcoat is wavy or flat, while the undercoat is dense, softs, and short. There are two kinds of English springer spaniel.

The field-bred springer has a thinner coat that tends to shed more. The show-bred species has a thicker coat, which shed less when compared to the counterpart.


The English springer spaniel was initially bred as a working dog. It, therefore, developed a thick weatherproof coat that sheds quite often. As a result, the springer typically sheds fur throughout the year.

However, expect your pet to shed more fur during the spring and fall months. You can minimize shedding by clipping the longer fur. Do not cut all the hair. Ensure you achieve an elegant coat after you are done clipping.

The springer can shed on your clothes, mats, sofas, or bed. The fur will not only cause a mess but may also trigger allergies. To avoid this, ensure you regularly brush, thin, and trim the fur.


If you want to minimize shedding and prevent the formation of knots in the undercoat, then you need to hand strip the fur often.

First, put on rubber gloves that will give you a better grip. Then gently and carefully use your fingers to pluck out any dead hair in the pet’s body. Use your forefinger and thumb to lift the outer coat.

You can now reach the downy undercoat. Pluck way any shed hair you get hold of using your fingers. Do not worry about hurting your dog. The fur is already free from the skin.


It is easy to forget basic hygiene practices that benefit your dog because of your busy schedules. However, grooming is essential to your springer spaniel.

Grooming is much more than a quick swipe with a brush. Ensure you are paying close attention to the dog’s skin, coat, teeth, nails, ears, and eyes. The following are key reasons why you need to groom your pet:

* REDUCES ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL SHEDDING – regular grooming will prevent your dog from shedding fur all over your house. Besides, when you undertake regular grooming, the fur that would otherwise form into painful knots is removed. You will spare your dog the painful and discomforting experience.

* HOUSEHOLD CLEANLINESS – grooming will enhance the general sanitation of your living space. When you brush and comb your pet regularly, it will shed less hair and dander. 

Your home, rugs, couches, and curtains will be free from bad odor. Additionally, in case you are living with a family member who is susceptible to dog allergies, regular grooming ensures the dander that triggers allergies are gotten rid of.

* APPEARANCE – a well-groomed dog will look charming and handsome. The dog will tend to interact with people and children comfortably. Remember children are wary of unkempt dogs. 

Additionally, a dog that looks well cared for and healthy invites people to socialize with them. You will also easily access public places with a well-groomed dog.

* HEALTH CHECK – grooming provides you with a chance to do a thorough inspection of your dog’s body. When you are brushing the dog, you get a chance to locate hidden bumps or lumps. 

You will also find areas that are causing pain to the dog. It will be easier, therefore, to arrest the problem before it becomes a significant issue.

* BONDING TIME – grooming will also afford your ideal bonding time with your pet. Grooming is an excellent way to bond with your dog since it requires a lot of attention. 

You will slow down from your daily activity and focus your attention on the pet. English springer spaniel loves attention and what better way to cheer him up than by grooming.


It is important to use the best tool when grooming your dog. The following is a list of necessary dog grooming supplies that you should have:

* COMBS– invest in a medium toothed comb. If your dog has thin hair, then go for a fine-toothed comb. A wide-toothed comb is ideal for thick dog hair.
* BRUSH-go for an all-purpose slicker brush. However, a curry brush will be good for short hair.
* PH BALANCED SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER– ensure the product is specially made for dogs.
* Plenty of towels for drying
* DOG TOENAIL CLIPPERS AND STYPTIC POWDER– You will sue the powder to stop bleeding in case you cut the dog during grooming.
* A pet toothbrush and toothpaste which is specially made for dogs
* AN ELECTRIC CLIPPER – You will use the clipper to trim and clip the dog’s coat. Ensure the clipper comes with a Number 10 blade from a reputable brand
* OTIC SOLUTIONS, GAUZE, AND FORCEPS -. You will need these tools when you are cleaning the dog’s ears.


* Ensure you carry out a thorough brushing by removing mats and tangles
* If your dog needs pre-bath clipping or stripping, ensure you do it keenly. Clip the hair inside your dog’s ears using a separate clipper which should be disinfected
* You should also clean ears using the otic solution and dry them thoroughly
* If you notice any tear stains, wipe them gently
* If need be, express anal sacs.
* Trim the dog’s toenails using a quality pair of nail clippers
* Bath your dog and rise him thoroughly


The springer spaniel is an athletic and versatile dog that is a great companion to keep.

The dog is friendly, affectionate, and obedient. He sheds a lot of furs too. If, you are considering keeping the pet, ensure you adopt an excellent grooming routine.

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