What Size Dog Crate for a Springer Spaniel?




dog crate for a springer spaniel

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Do you know what size crate your springer spaniel needs? If not, fear not. We have all the information you need to ensure that you find the correct size Dog Crate For A Springer Spaniel.

Many people worry about how large their pet’s crate should be, and in this article, we will help you answer that question once and for all!

What Size Dog Crate For A Springer Spaniel?

Springer spaniels are medium-sized dogs, and to accommodate this; you’ll need a crate that is no smaller than 36″ in length; this will give your dog space to move, but avoid going bigger than 42″.

Many people think it’s better to have crates that are too large for their pets, but there are problems in doing so; for example, some dogs may start using the extra space as a toilet.

If your dog does use the extra space in his crate as a toilet, this will lead to odor problems and the need for constant cleaning of the crate.

What Size Dog Crate for a Springer Spaniel Puppy?

When I bought my crate for my puppy, I bought an adult springer size crate. 

Why did I do that, you may ask, well crates are not super cheap, and I did not want to replace it in 6 months!

Buy an adult size dog crate and add in a divider to block off some of the crate’s length; this will stop your puppy from using the extra space as a toilet.

A divider can be made easily from a scrap of plywood or thick cardboard and held in place with cable ties or string.

Some crates will come with a divider.

As your pup grows, give him a little more space.

How to Measure Your Springer Spaniel For a Crate

Getting the right size crate for your dog is essential to ensure he’s comfortable and has enough room to move around.

  • Measure the length of your springer spaniel’s body from nose to tail; this is the primary measurement we need when selecting a crate. I would add around 4 inches to this measurement when choosing the size of the crate. (if your dog measures 30 inches, you would get a 34-inch crate)
  • Measure the height from floor to top of the head between the ears with the dog in the sit position; this will give you the height needed for the crate. (I would add around 2 inches to the height of your dog)

Hight is not super important as your dog will most likely spend most of the time lying down.

Adding that extra couple of inches allows your dog a little room to turn around and move easily inside the crate and stretch out a little.

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  • MULTIPLE SIZES – 18 inch (46 x 29 x 36cm); 24 inch (60 x 43 x 49cm); 30 inch (75 x 46 x 52cm); 36 inch (91 x 56 x 62cm); 42 inch (107 x 68 x 74cm); 48 inch (120 x 75 x 79cm). Be it a young puppy or an old doggie best friend you want them to have a comfortable place to relax, sleep, and get refocused which is why we offer our metal dog create in 6 great sizes to fit your dog’s needs.
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  • CARRY HANDLE – We’ve designed this so you can easily carry this around where needed if the weight is not to heavy
  • FOR ALL DOGS – There are five sizes of crates to select from that will suit extra large, large, medium, small and extra small sized dogs
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What Are the Benefits of Having a Dog Crate For A Springer Spaniel?

  • A crate provides a feeling of safety and security for your dog. It’s like their own little den that they can retreat to when they need some space or want to be left alone in peace.
  • Some crates may fit in your car, making trips in the car with your springer a little easier.
  • Crate training can be used as a method of toilet training your dog.
  • Crates can be helpful to contain your springer if you have guests.
  • If your dog has had a visit to the vet and needs rest, a crate can be an excellent way to help with this, as we know a springer does still for very long!

Where to Put Your Dog’s Crate, So It Doesn’t Disrupt Other Areas of the House

Choosing where to place a crate in your home can be a common problem we all face.

When I was deciding where my dog crate should go, I decided on our kitchen as it’s a large open-plan space that the family spend most of our time in. 

It is the hub of our home with a log burner, large tv, dining table, and a comfy sofa, so it made perfect sense that was the place for it.

I found a spot that is not in direct sunlight, with no drafts and away from the log burner, but still close enough that my dogs can see what’s going on.

  • Put your dog’s crate in an area with a lot of natural light. This makes the space seem more inviting. 
  • Keep your dog’s bed and water bowl in their cage, so they always have access to them if they need it. They’ll feel much more at home this way! 
  • When choosing where you want to put your springer spaniel’s new crate, make sure there is nothing dangerous nearby that may tempt him or her into chewing on something inappropriate when alone (e.g., cords). 
  • Make sure it doesn’t block stairs or doorways either.
  • The crate should not be placed in a drafty area and not close to radiators or fireplaces, and not in direct sunlight.
  • spaniels are very social dogs, so try to keep them part of family life even when they are in their crate (if you spend a lot of time in your dining room, try to find a spot in there) 
  • Be mindful of any Electrical wires or cords that may be close to the dog crate that they may be able to chew on.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy in a Crate?

Keeping your dog happy in their crate will help in the long run; the crate should never be used as a form of punishment, as your dog will view it as a negative place and may become reluctant to use the crate.

  • Keep the crate in a lively part of the home so they can still see family life.
  • The crate should be in a neutral temperature zone of the room, away from and direct heat or cold sources.
  • Try to keep time in the crate to a maximum of around 4 hours for an adult dog; puppies should be less as they need to urinate more often.
  • Make sure to have washable, comfortable bedding in the crate.
  • Always make sure your dog has water available in their crate.

Final Thoughts

The information above should have you well on your way to picking the correct size Dog Crate For A Springer Spaniel and getting your pup the perfect size crate. Crates can be great for both the dog and the owner when used correctly.


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All content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned about the health of your pet, you should contact your vet for advice.


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