Are Springer Spaniels Good Family Dogs? Here Are The Facts!

are springer spaniels good family dogs?

English Springer Spaniels are beautiful, loving dogs that adjust to a new home very well. However, there are some attributes to springer spaniels which may make them unfit for certain lifestyles, which is why there are factors that you should consider, like ‘Are English Springer Spaniels good family dogs?’, before deciding to bring a new pet into the home.

Springer spaniels are working dogs, which means that they are wired to be obedient and listen to instructions, but also it means that they are easily trained.  With proper instruction in the first few months of springer ownership, as well as a good first introduction to family members, like the kids, the cat, and other dogs your springer spaniel will get on good with your family!.

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Are springer spaniels good with Kids?

Springer spaniels are very well natured dogs and also very friendly. At times can get a little boisterous due to their never-ending supply of energy! Springer spaniels make good family dogs as they usually get on well with kids and other members of the family.

As with most things with any dog, a little effort and training does go a long way. Getting your springer from being a puppy is a definite advantage when introducing them to any member of the family from the kids to the goldfish!. If they grow up with them, they generally accept them as part of the pack!

Are springer spaniels good with cats and other pets?

Springer spaniels are working dogs and were trained to get on with other dogs while working, which means that they are friendly towards most other breeds of dog. However, this again depends on the springer’s previous experience, and also the personality of the particular dog. As a rule, it’s not often springer spaniels don’t get on with other dogs.

To train a spaniel to live in harmony with smaller pets such as cats is entirely achievable with training tho if you are finding it hard, you may benefit from professional training and a lot of patience with both animals!
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Are springer spaniels easy to train?

Generally speaking, springer spaniels are easy to train, which makes them excellent family pets. However, this can all depend on the background of your dog, and again, any previous experience. There are lots of different methods to train your dog, but a few tips and tricks listed below, which will help make your English springer spaniel a good family dog.

Making sure that everyone in the family uses the same command words, and gives the same rewards for different types of good behaviour means that your dog will not become confused, and training can be completed much faster.

For example, make sure that everyone in the family uses the words ‘go to bed’ when you want the dog to sleep, rather than everybody using different commands. And make sure that everyone gives the same reward for the same behaviour, as the dog will make connections with specific rewards.

Patience is the key to training a springer spaniel. For your dog to become a good family pet, you need to take your time and be calm. If you force the dog to do something, it is not comfortable with you will end up undoing progress which you have already made, and being stressed or aggressive around the dog which will only slow down the whole process.


you should always be the one in control of whatever you are doing with your dog. If you are going for a walk, you should always be ahead of your dog, and it should never lead you. When you eat, you should always eat first your dog eats when you finish. This is kind of all the things that your dog will see as pack mentality and associate with you being the leader of their pack!

Professional training
If training on your own does not seem to be going in the right direction, it may be time to call in a professional. There will be plenty of training centres in your local area with classes for both puppies and adult dogs. Training classes are especially beneficial with older dogs as they are less willing to learn and change their behaviour. Still, with the right help, older springers can become excellent family pets!

Can Springer Spaniels be aggressive?

Again, this depends on your dog’s personality, but springer spaniels are not known for being aggressive. However, certain things may trigger an aggressive reaction from your dog:

Uncertainty – One of the main reasons your dog may show aggression is if a new person or object comes into their life. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that your dog is angry; it just means they are nervous or even curious!

Nerves – If your dog is new in your home, or has been introduced to a new pet such as a cat, then it may be scared, and start to bark.

Discomfort – If your dog is experiencing pain or discomfort, then it may be more aggressive than usual, so in this situation, it is best to steer clear for a few hours.

Sleeping – Have you ever heard the expression ‘let sleeping dogs lie?’ Well, one reason your dog may bark or even bite is if you unnaturally wake the springer from its slumber

Food – Almost every animal on earth is protective over food. While you should be able to take food or items from your dog at any time some dogs just do not like it and may growl and or bite, this is not just springer spaniels; this can be any dog.

Springer spaniels are good family dogs but, are you the best family for a springer spaniel?

Springer spaniels can be hard work, so it takes a lot of goodwill to look after one. Springers can be good family pets if they are with a family which will take good care and give the dog what it needs. To have a spaniel, you need to be …

Very active – a springer needs at least 2 hours of exercise per day.

Loving – spaniels respond well to positivity, and are definitely up for lots of cuddles.

Early birds – springers will be up bright and early, and you need to let them out for a wee, feed them etc. early or they may become whiny and agitated.

Good at grooming – springer spaniels have long hair around their ears that is prone to matting. As such should be groomed regularly.

Prepared – you may have to springer-proof your house in advance – move valuable objects, put up a stair gate etc. as spaniels can be very bouncy!

Are Springer Spaniels Good Family Dogs?

Are English Springer spaniels good family dogs? If your family meets the criteria, and you are looking for a loving companion, then the springer spaniel is the dog for you!

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