Springer Spaniel Temperament – What Are They Like?

Springer Spaniel Temperament

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Springer Spaniel Temperament

The springer spaniel has been around a very long time, perhaps since 300 AD, and among the oldest breeds.

Springer spaniel temperament and personality is uniquely their own. If you are considering adding a springer spaniel to your family, read along to find out the many traits and characteristics that make up the springer spaniel temperament.

For the most part, a springer spaniel has a lovely temperament. Listed below are all of the qualities and quirks that make up their unique personality. Most are good, but a few may need work. You can be the judge!


Springer spaniels are ranked number thirteen for intelligence out of all breeds in the whole world. They are smart, easy to train, eager to please and obey, and quick to learn. Their training must be done correctly; otherwise, their smarts may backfire and get them into trouble.


Spaniels will pay attention, especially when you want them to. When it comes time for training, this is an excellent trait they possess.


Being alert goes hand in hand with the attentiveness of springer spaniels. Ever observant and aware. There’s not too much they miss.


The springer spaniel is a highly active dog that is playful and loves the outdoors. They don’t mind at all getting dirty, muddy, or getting full of twigs and leaves. Their owners may not be too happy about the cleanup, but they love to have fun.

They don’t do well in passive surroundings and can become bored if not properly and thoroughly exercised. When left to their own devices with pent-up energy, this can be a recipe for disaster as they can try to amuse themselves destructively by chewing and getting into mischief.


Spaniels are a light-hearted, cheery, high-spirited, and pleasant breed with a sunny disposition. They are sure to put a smile on even the crankiest person with their lively ways and silly antics.


Even though the springer spaniel loves to race and romp outdoors, they do love quiet time with you and are very happy to lie next to you or at your feet next to a roaring fire on a cold winter night.

They love to be petted and hugged. If you’ve had a bad day, they will be sure to snuggle on in, and soon you won’t even remember what your bad mood was about.

Great Family Dog

Springer spaniels, with their outstanding personality traits of being affectionate, loving, free-spirited, obedient, and well-mannered, can make the best family pet.

Of course, socialization and training are essential for accomplishing this to not have a boisterous, out of control household. They get on very well with children, being quite gentle and tolerant, although children must be taught not to be rough with your pup.

Spaniels will usually single out one member of the family as the one they want to tag along with the most, which may be the pack leader.

Springers are also very friendly with other dogs. If you have another dog in your family, this should not be a problem. They are quite amiable with dogs they may meet on their adventures.

As far as cats go, this may not go as well. They do not tolerate cats like they do dogs; of course, this can depend on the cat or even if your spaniel and your cat have been raised together. They could also be the best of friends, not at all realizing they are different.

Springer spaniels do very well with strangers and unfamiliar guests to your home. They make excellent greeters.

Senior citizens are another group that they do well with if you have any elderly relatives. Just keep their training in check as their overexuberance could cause them to knock a senior off balance.


Because of their experience as a working dog, they have a high retrieval instinct. Playing catch or frisbee is great fun with them as they will return the toy back to you every time. Other breeds may take the ball and run with it, not wanting to give it up. Springers will play as long as you do, and they seem to never tire, especially from a good game of catch. This is an excellent way to tire out your children!

Food Love

Some dogs will eat some of their food in their bowl, walk away, and return for more later. No matter how much food you put in your spaniel’s bowl, they will eat it. They love their food and would just keep eating.

Eating is a good thing, but if you don’t control the portions, they can gain weight, which would be bad for their health. Keep in mind that however much they are given, they will eat and stick to the amount on the bag for their weight group.


Springer spaniels love to dig. If you have a well-manicured lawn, this can be a horrifying picture in your mind. Leaving them outside alone too long may cause digging. They have tons of energy, and if they become bored, this might be how they display it. Curb this bad habit by distracting them with a game of catch, or as a last resort, give them a dirt pile all their own, off in an out of the way area.


Springer spaniels do need space. If you live in an apartment, it can be done. They aren’t a huge dog, but they have lots of energy. Extra exercise would be necessary so that they wouldn’t exhibit any behavioral symptoms. A house with a yard would be more ideal.


Spaniels instinctively love the water, and also love to swim so don’t be surprised if you are by a pond, lake, or stream and they begin “chomping at the bit” to get to the water. Allowing them to indulge would make them ecstatic.


Unfortunately, if not trained properly, one bad trait springers can have is that they can be destructive. Leaving a springer puppy home alone without being contained in a crate or one room is definitely asking for a mess.

Puppies should never be given full run of the house even when you are home. Gradually leaving your dog alone is the best way to acclimate them to solitary time.

Springer’s are sometimes nicknamed a “velcro dog” because they love their owners so much, they stick to them like glue and don’t want to let them out of sight.

Leaving them may cause them to suffer separation anxiety, which can lead to very destructive behavior like chewing, ripping, scratching, etc. Slowly let them get used to you being away for short periods of time.

Sometimes they will just chew things out of sheer boredom. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise before leaving them alone and have toys to keep them occupied.

In Summary

Listed above are the many traits and characteristics that make up the springer spaniel temperament.

If you are an active, outdoorsy person and your family is too, the springer spaniel would be a perfect dog for you. You need to make that decision for yourself.

No breed is perfect, but the springer spaniel comes close for the active family, and they possess mostly stellar traits and a winning, loving personality.

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