Are Springer Spaniels Good Running Partners?

Are Springer Spaniels Good Running Partners?

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If you’re a runner or someone who loves to run and are looking for a new running partner to join you on your next jog, then you may be thinking, “Are Springer Spaniels Good Running Partners?

Springer spaniels are a great running partner for anyone who enjoys taking long walks or jogs. They have high stamina and powerful bodies, which means they can keep up with their human counterparts’ pace with ease, making them perfect companions on any run!

Springer Spaniel’s make excellent partners in crime when it comes time to take that jog around your neighborhood park.

How far can I run with my springer spaniel?

It depends on how fast both runner (human) & dog wants/can maintain this speed. We recommend no more than one mile before gradually increasing distance if desired over weeks months depending upon the individual.

In most cases, the dog will almost always outrun the human, but you should take your pet’s age and health into account and their fitness and never push them too hard.

Given time and training, your pup should be able to do over 5 miles with ease, but again please take their age, health, and fitness into account.

How fast can a springer spaniel run? 

The average speed at which a springer spaniel can travel on land ranges from 15-25 miles per hour (mph), though, in short bursts, they can often hit around 30mph!

Typically a human jogs at between 4-6 mph on average, so that is practically walking pace for a springer that can hit 20mph with ease!

Can you take a puppy running with you?

It is not recommended to take a puppy running. They are still growing and need time for their bones, muscles & joints to develop properly without the added stress of being on hard surfaces or pavement, leading them into joint problems later in life. 

If you do decide that your pup needs some exercise, then it would be best if they were taken out at an age where all these things have already developed, so there’s less chance he’ll get hurt while doing something like this!

I would recommend waiting until your dog is at least 12 months old before taking them out running. 

A visit to your vet will be able to confirm if your pup has finished growing.

some gear suggestions for running with your springer spaniel

How can I make running with a Springer Spaniel easier?

Some kit items can make your time out running with your dog much easier for both you and your dog. You don’t need a lot of kit to get into running with your dog, but below are some items that can make the experience much better for both of you.

  • A harness preferably with reflective strips that fits snugly and doesn’t have any dangling straps or anything to get caught on things while running

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  • A hands-free dog leash: Yes, that’s right, hands-free! Designed especially for people and dogs who love to run.

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  • A dog water bottle for your pup to drink from has a built-in bowl making it easy to offer them a drink on the go.

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  • A lightweight Hi-Vis Waterproof raincoat keeps your pup both dry and visible to others.

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  • GPS dog tracker A great product that can save you a lot of time searching for your dog if they happen to go missing while out running.

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Things to consider before going running with a springer spaniel

weather conditions

temperature, humidity are all factors that can affect running with your pup. If it’s too hot or humid for you, then your pet may not be comfortable either so take this into account before going out on a run with them in these conditions!

Jogging with your dog is safe as long as the temperature ranges somewhere between 15 and 60 degrees (-10 and +15°C). Make sure to run in shady areas, like woods during summer months or early morning or late evening when it’s hot out!

Remember, on hot days, tarmac and pavements can be very hot and can burn your dog’s paws.

If you are a fan of running in the rain, you may want to consider getting your pup a lightweight waterproof coat.

Drinking water

you should always bring plenty of water with you on your run for both you and your dog

The average springer spaniel will need to drink about one cup per mile, so be sure that they have plenty of water. 

Also, take regular stops and allow them to drink, and consider bringing a collapsible bowl for them to drink from; this can make things much easier for both of you!

Running surface

if you can, I would recommend running along the beach or on grassland. The soft surface will be much better on the joints for both you and your dog. 

Any runner will tell you running on hard pavements is not good for the joints long term. A little pavement work can be good, and it will also help keep your pup’s nails the correct length.


If you are running in an area with a lot of wildlife, such as deer or farm animals, then it is essential to keep your dog on the leash to avoid him chasing.

When running out of parks, you should also remember that there could be traffic around, so again, your pup should be back on his leash.

Safety for you and your dog

It’s always a good idea when running to wear a hi-vis vest, and you can also get a hi-vis for your pup too! 

A Hi-Vis is great for your dog, especially when running early morning or late at night.

It is also essential to make sure your dog has a collar with ID tags and that you have their name and your address and mobile/cell phone number on it.

A GPS dog tracker can also be a great option to save your dog from a day with the dog catcher!


Your dog should always be leashed while out of parks; high visibility clothes are a good idea during the day/night time hours; collar should include information about the owner such as names & addresses + mobile numbers just in case he gets lost.

Disclaimer does not provide veterinary advice. We aim to provide you with information to enable you to make a good decision when making a purchase or to care for your dog.
All content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned about the health of your pet, you should contact your vet for advice.

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