7 Interesting Facts About Springer Spaniels




7 Interesting Facts About Springer Spaniels

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The Springer Spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. These lively and intelligent creatures are a versatile breed that excels when working or playing! And they make fantastic companions for your family too.
To celebrate this wonderful breed, we have compiled 7 Interesting Facts About Springer Spaniels you may not know:
What makes them so amazing? Read on to find out more…

1. Springer Spaniels Have Been Around For Over 500 Years!

Springers have been around since the 15th century, and this makes them over 500 years old already! 

The first recorded mention of “springing” was found on an English document from 1576. 

It wasn’t until January 1899 that the English kennel club first recognized the breed, then shortly after in 1910 when the American Kennel Club recognized them as their own distinct type (breed) known today simply called ‘Springer Spaniels.’ 

2. They Have An Excellent Sense Of Smell 

Springers are often used for search and rescue missions. They have also been trained to detect drugs, money, bombs, or missing people in disaster areas such as earthquakes! 

Here are just a few of the things springers have been used to sniff out:

  • Mountain Rescue 
  • London 7/7 bombings
  • Deployed in Iraq to detect explosives and weapons, a dog named “Buster” was awarded the Dickin Medal for his service( the animal equivalent of the victoria cross!).
  • Bee Nests
  • Blood
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Illness such as cancer in humans

So I think you will agree the Springer Spaniel is a natural-born hero!

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3. Springer Spaniels Are Soft-Mouthed

Springer spaniels are known to be “soft-mouthed dogs” This is a trait that has been bred into them for working; this allowed them to carry game in their mouths without causing any damage to the meat. They will gently hold objects in their mouths instead of biting down onto them.

4. Famous Springer Spaniel Owners 

include Queen Elizabeth II and President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, was also a fan of the breed! She owned many springers during her reign as queen; some she bred herself at Windsor Castle in England while others were gifts or purchases throughout Europe (including one named ‘Windsor Lad’).

The royal family still owns several Springer Spaniels today, including “Duke” – an English-bred dog that resides with Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton on their country estate Anmer Hall near King” s Lynn Norfolk. And it is not just royalty: Oprah Winfrey has two Spaniels too – both are rescue dogs rescued by Battersea Dogs Home London UK!

5. Springer’s Come In Many Color Combinations

The most common colors are liver and white, but you can also find them in black and white. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the following colors: Black & Tan; Brown Roan with White Markings; Red roans – which is when they’re born all-red then turn to dark gray/brown after about six months old); Liver&Tan, Blue Merle – where there’s blue mixed into mostly liver coloration.

6. Huge Litter Of Puppies!

The average litter size for a springer is six to eight puppies but can be as many as 12. It’s not uncommon for a Springer Spaniel mother and father with large litters of pups in their history to have even more significant numbers! 

The record-holder was an English Springer spaniel who had 18 babies at once – that would make her one busy momma dog! But she’d probably tell you it wasn’t too much work when they’re all so cute.

7. There Are Two Types Of Springer Spaniels: Bench And Field

Bench Springer Spaniels are bred to be show dogs, and they often have a longer coat and slightly longer ears. They are generally a little heavier than a field dog as they are not required to be worked. 

Field Springer spaniels have a shorter coat, which makes them better suited for working or field trials. They also tend to be more muscular, athletic build, and slightly taller as well!

Final Thoughts

There we have seven interesting facts about springer spaniels!

Springer Spaniels are a very popular breed of dog and for good reason. They’re sweet, intelligent dogs who love to please their owners – which is why they make such great family pets!


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