English Springer Spaniel Colors – Are They All The Same?




English Springer Spaniel Colors

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The English Springer Spaniel is a breed of dogs commonly found in two main colors: black and white, liver and white.

These are the most common English Springer Spaniel Colors. 

I believe all the springer color variants look great, though I really like the full solid color liver springer.

Read on to find out more about English Springer Spaniel Colors and how they differ.


The Liver And White English Springer Spaniel

The liver and white color is the most common one among the breed. The nose, eye rims, and eyelids of this type are typically brown with hazel eyes. There can be a light to medium amount of ticking on their coat as well as some tan markings.

The Black And White English Springer Spaniel 

The Black And White English Springer Spaniel has a black nose, eye rims, and eyelids with light brown or hazel eyes. This color can sometimes have a dark brown mask on its head as well as some black markings on its ears.

Their coat can range from short to medium-length, but it’s typically straight or wavy with feathering around its feet.

Can springer spaniels be all black?

Yes, but they are not the most common color. These dogs typically carry a black and white coat, so the solid color all-black springer tends to be a little rarer.

The coat of an all-black springer is one I like; it’s a deep glossy black with almost a wet look to it.

This color is not the most common, but it’s still a pretty one. They are typically referred to as black and tans because of their light tan coloring on their muzzle and ears.

Can springer spaniels be all liver? 

Yes, they can. A complete solid color liver springer spaniel is rare; they are usually just partial liver and white.

The liver is a deep rich brown color that covers the whole body in one solid color.

This color really does look beautiful, and if you’re looking for something flashy, then this might be your favorite choice!

Are there other colors of springer spaniels?

Yes, there are other colors of springer spaniels! The most common is the tri-color. Tri-color comes in liver and white or liver and white variations with tan markings.

Some people might think that this is their favorite because it’s unusual to see a dog with three different colored coats! There are also black and whites that also have tan markings.

Tan markings are usually found around the head of the dog, on the eyebrows, inside of the ear, and around the face.

Also common on springers is ticking. Ticking is the small spots of color found on the body and down the legs.

As a puppy, your springer may be liver and plain bright white, but as they age, they get ticking in the white patches of fur.

Do English Springer Spaniel Colors Matter?

It all depends on the person and what they’re looking for. Some colors are more common than others, but it’s really just up to preference!

The English Springer Spaniel is a beautiful breed of dog with many different colors.

Some people may think that one color of spaniel will work better as their companion over another based solely on the color of their fur.

However, this isn’t necessarily true because it mostly just comes down to personal preference in what you like most about the breed.

Some people prefer a spaniel with more white in its coat to make them easier to see when working out in the field.

Final Thoughts

More often than not, it is just up to preference in what color of spaniel you want as your pet.

That being said, some English Springer Spaniel Colors may be more sought after over others because some people feel they work better in specific environments or climates; however, this isn’t always true either.
Whatever color you have or settle on getting, you can be sure a springer will make a great pet!


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