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Can Springer Spaniels Eat Carrots?

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Springer spaniels will eat most things put in front of them, some they should, and some they should not, but can springer spaniels eat carrots? Yes, they can and there are some great benefits to them eating carrots, below is some information to allow your spaniel to enjoy the many wonderful benefits of carrots. 

Benefits of Carrots for Your Springer Spaniel

Carrots are an extremely healthy vegetable, jam-packed with many necessary vitamins and minerals. Just as we were told to eat our carrots to promote good eyesight, carrots contain beta carotene, which makes up the bulk of the nutrients and helps keep eyes healthy.

Beta carotene gives carrots their orange color. It is also converted into Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for your springer’s eye health and the health of their coat, skin, and their immune system, and carrots give them energy as well. It has been proven that beta carotene helps prevent some types of cancer.

The carrot is a root vegetable and contains many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin K, B8, C, manganese, potassium, copper, iron, pantothenic acid, and folate.

Carrots have antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, and those along with Vitamin C can help your pup fight off disease and infection.

Carrots As a Low-fat Snack

Feeding your springer boxed and processed treats can become fattening for them. One hundred grams of carrots have just 44 calories and are a great low fat snack just as they are for their human! Carrots are a great source of fiber, which fills them up and keep things moving.


If your springer spaniel has some digestive issues, carrots may help. Containing much-needed fiber, carrots can bulk up any loose stools as well as promote regularity. Carrots can also quickly soothe an upset tummy.

Dental Health

Munching on raw carrots can keep your spaniel’s gums and teeth healthy. While the crunching sounds your springer makes while chewing carrots sounds cute, they are benefitting their gums while massaging them and removing tartar and plaque from their teeth.

Processed treats sometimes create build-up on your springer spaniel’s teeth. They do not clean them.

Can Springer Spaniels Eat Carrots raw Or Cooked Carrots?

You can feed your springer spaniel either raw or cooked carrots, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Introduce carrots and any new fruit or vegetable slowly to make sure they have no adverse effects.

They will love the carrots, so don’t allow them to keep eating, or they will become ill. Vitamin A in carrots is a good thing, but it can become bad if large quantities of carrots are ingested as in “too much of a good thing”.

Vitamin A is fat-soluble, and too much of this vitamin can build up and become toxic. Carrots should be fed as a treat or as a part of their meal.

It is safe to feed your springer raw carrots. You can chop or grate them into your spaniel’s regular food, or you can give whole carrots, sliced carrots, or carrot sticks as a treat.

Just keep an eye on your pup when you initially start them on carrots, making sure they can chew them and don’t choke. Smaller dogs usually need them cut up, or choking can occur.

When feeding raw carrots, your pup will not receive as many nutritional benefits as they will from giving them cooked carrots. Dogs cannot fully digest raw carrots and will not absorb all of those vitamins and minerals as well as when they are cooked. You will be aware of this when you take your dog out to do their business.

If you have a springer spaniel puppy, frozen raw carrots are ideal for serving as treats to soothe their gums when teething.

Your springer spaniel will love cooked carrots just as much as they love raw carrots because of that hint of sweetness they contain.

Cut carrots up and lightly steam or boil and if you like, mix them with their usual dog food. You can also cook and puree them in a food processor or blender and serve.

Final Thoughts

Carrots can be an excellent treat or supplement to any springer spaniels diet.

Make sure to wash thoroughly before offering or cooking to rid the carrots of any dirt or pesticide residue. Remember, your springer will love carrots as a treat and in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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