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Spaniels are incredibly adorable, but can cute and cuddly overpower smelly? Do springer spaniels smell bad? Yes, they can; almost all dogs can and do smell bad at some point. A well-groomed springer rarely smells bad. Keep a good regular grooming schedule, and you should be just fine!

Following are some reasons why springer spaniels can be smelly and how to alleviate this stinky problem.

Why Do Springer Spaniels Smell Bad?

Well nine times out of ten, it’s just simply down to your spaniel being a spaniel, when out on walks if there is a puddle. pond, river, mud, and god knows what else they may find they will have to be in it, this will usually account for most of the smell with your dog. oh, the joys of owning a spaniel.

Aside from that, the problem may be health-related below are some points that may be causing a stink!

Double coat

Springer spaniels have that special double coat, which is somewhat oily for repelling water. The coat and fur can trap dirt, moisture, and bacteria, creating their unique smell, 

Anal gland issues

This problem is not unique to springer spaniels and can happen to any dog, adding a fishy smell to the mix. Most dogs anal glands empty naturally but sometimes become blocked. If the dog is licking or dragging their butt on the rug, this could be the problem.

Ear problems

The springer spaniel has long, floppy, luxurious ears. Even though this adds to their cuteness, the ears can be a source of unpleasant smells. Their ears collect dirt, and this can lead to an unsavory stench. Dirty ears can also lead to ear infections, giving off a yeasty smell. 

Top tip with the ears when feeding your spaniel – If they are eating a messy wet food such as gravy, gently fold the ears up to the top of the head and use a soft ladies hair bobble to keep the ears up while they eat( DO NOT APPLY TO TIGHTLY), this saves a lot of unnecessary grooming of the ears to remove sloppy food.

Dental issues

Springer spaniels and other breeds can suffer from dental issues if good Dental hygiene is not practiced, causing nasty doggie breath. If excessive tartar and plaque build up on your dog’s teeth, this can lead to halitosis and can eventually ripple down to create other health problems.

Skin problems

Skin problems caused by allergies or infection can also cause a very unpleasant smell. This is true for any open sores and even skin cancer as well. This smell can be quite malodorous. 


Yes, gas it could be! This can be a funny joke, especially when you can blame the dog! It’s no laughing matter, however, if the smell is an everyday occurrence. The dog food, table scraps (never a good idea) or treats your springer is consuming could be the issue in this case.


Low-quality dog food containing mostly grains can cause allergies, dry skin, gastrointestinal issues, and bad breath and create many really bad smells. 

The Springer Spaniel Smell

Any dog breed can have that doggie smell at one time or another. This can be embarrassing, especially when you have guests. You would rather if people can’t tell you have a dog by the smell of your home before they even see your dog, and you would rather they not pass that tidbit of information on to other people. 

The spaniel has a bouquet, usually very different from other dogs, a sort of oily, musty smell and uniquely their own. They also have a different genetic composition than most breeds, and their double coat contributes to the odor. It is water repellant, containing oils, because spaniels, bred to work outside, sometimes around swamps or ponds, need a coat that won’t stay soaked.

Solutions For A Smelly Springer Spaniel

Dog owners are always looking for ways to make their dogs smell better. There are many different products and tactics that can be used.

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Grooming and bathing

You can’t change the genetic make-up of your springer spaniel, but keeping them groomed and clean will help tremendously in minimizing odors. Regular brushing will not only eliminate trapped dirt, but it will distribute oils for a shiny coat, keep mats at bay, and reduce shedding in your home. 

Bathing frequently will also be a big win in the battle of the stink. Depending on how active your spaniel is will stem on how often to bathe. If your spaniel is outdoors a lot and rolling in everything in sight, then once a month would be a good place to begin.

Every three months may be sufficient for a not-so-active dog. Always use a gentle, not harsh shampoo, and don’t overdo the bathing either, as this can backfire by depleting necessary oils, causing dry skin and odor. Doggie wipes are another excellent idea for wiping dirt off when time is short, or you don’t want to bathe them in excess. 

Springer spaniels are prone to seborrhea, which causes scaly, yellow, or brown patches. In this case, your dog would require a medicated shampoo, especially for seborrhea.  

Keeping your dog’s coat a bit shorter by having them regularly clipped will also help keep their appearance neat and eliminate areas to trap dirt.

Anal glands

If this issue comes about and causes a bad smell. Either your dog’s groomer or veterinarian can express the glands.

Ear problems

Keep your dog’s ears clean by cleansing regularly. You can buy ear wipes made especially for a dog’s sensitive ears or purchase an ear solution approved by veterinarians. Follow the instructions and use cotton balls or gauze. Never use Q tips in your dog’s ears. The springer spaniel is more prone to ear infections because of their long ears, so keep an eye, or should I say nose, out for any unusual smells.

Dental issues

Dental care should begin early, ideally when your pup is young. This will familiarize them with this routine. Regular brushing, dental treats, and toys will keep tartar and plaque from building up and save you money in the long run. Professional cleaning by your veterinarian can be quite costly, and poor dental hygiene can lead to other health problems down the road.

Skin problems

Check out any skin issues right away to nip them in the bud before your spaniel has a full-blown problem. You may need various shampoos, ointments, or medications from the veterinarian, so things don’t get out of hand. Dogs can suffer from seasonal as well as food allergies, just like us humans.


Lastly, a proper diet can eliminate undesirable odors. Choose a high-quality dog food with no fillers. If you are unsure since there is such a wide variety of foods to choose from, speak with your veterinarian. Food that doesn’t agree with your spaniel can cause a whole host of problems that can create many bad smells. Disagreeable food can cause rashes, flatulence, and bad breath.

Final Thoughts

Yes, springer spaniels can and sometimes do smell, but don’t give up. They are just too cute to throw in the towel. Many of the suggestions above will help. Until then, light a fragrant candle and cuddle up with your best bud!

Disclaimer does not provide veterinary advice. We aim to provide you with information to enable you to make a good decision when making a purchase or to care for your dog.

All content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned about the health of your pet, you should contact your vet for advice.

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