Do Springer Spaniels Need Coats?

do springer spaniels need coats

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Do Springer Spaniels Need Coats? Springer spaniels are a hardy bread, bread to work in all conditions and can tolerate most weather conditions. If you are planning a long walk on cold or very wet days, a dog coat would be a good idea, offering your springer spaniel protection from the elements.

In the summer months, your dog would not need a coat; there are other reasons your springer may need a coat. Read along to find out more about coats and the springer spaniel.

Do Springer Spaniels Need Coats?

The springer spaniel is a medium-sized sturdy breed, with some having longer coats while others have shorter, wiry and coarser and coats.

These dogs have a thick double coat, and it is found on their underside. This coat protects and insulates your springer from the elements. This double coat is also somewhat waterproof to help with days that are not only cold but wet.

After reading about the springer spaniel’s luxurious coat, you are probably wondering why Do springer spaniels need coats?

There are times when your springer spaniel needs a coat and should have one, and there are also times a coat is just not needed.

Listed below are some reasons you may want to put a coat on your springer spaniel.

Coats for Springer Spaniel Puppies

If it is extremely cold and frigid, snowy, or rainy, small puppies should wear a coat if outside for extended periods, especially if the activity is low key like a walk.

Your puppy is still growing, and so is his fur; for the first few months, he will have a quite short, tight coat.

As he ages, this coat will fill out more and become a little more fuffy or wavy. It’s this that traps the warm air against the body, keeping him warm!

Adult Springer Spaniels

Many reasons exist to have your adult springer spaniel wear a coat. Sure, springer spaniels are highly active, outdoor-loving dogs. They were bred to work in the outdoors, and they love nothing more than to get down and dirty outside.

Suppose you and your springer have moved from a temperate climate to one of very extreme weather with bitter temperatures, wind, and a lot of frozen precipitation. In that case, they should wear a coat for extra protection against the elements.

Even though your springer spaniel has some waterproofing to its coat, in wet weather, a lightweight raincoat might be just the ticket, and in snowy weather, a warmer waterproof coat would keep them more comfortable.

When your springer spaniel gets soaking wet, there will be a big dry-off afterward, which will lead to some grooming because mats and tangles may occur in some of their longer fur. Wearing a coat will prevent all of that, and it will mean less grooming.

Do Senior Springer Spaniels Need a Coat?

If your springer spaniel is a senior, perhaps with health issues, bone or joint problems, a nice warm coat or vest will help them get outside for the fresh air and exercise, but keep them comfortable and dry as well.

Any extra padding in their coat may also cushion their fragile bones from pain as they age. The cold sometimes makes any arthritic conditions seem all the more painful. A nice warm coat will help them keep the enjoyment of the outdoors for much longer.

In the reading above, you’ve found that yes, there are times when your springer spaniel may need a coat or vest. Just because they are endowed with a beautiful thick coat doesn’t mean they can’t wear another coat for extra warmth, dryness, visibility, or safety.

Different Types of Dog Coats

You may think a coat is a coat, but it’s not!

There are many different dog coats to suit many different situations; granted, most people would get away with a pretty standard type of coat for the average stroll around the local park.

But what if you are walking around the park in the height of summer? Does your dog need that fleece-lined coat you bought last winter?

Snow And Mud

When taking your springer running out in the snow, a nice warm winter vest is a great option. A vest made with neoprene material is excellent for keeping them both warm and dry.

A vest that covers the stomach is great as it saves a lot of cleaning, great for if you have to put the dog in the car after a walk.

you can also get vests that cover the legs also

Clean up will be a lot easier because if they are wearing a coat or vest, all of that slushy dirty snow and mud that gets on the underbelly of your pup will be on the coat instead.

Water Proof Dog Coats

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Rainproof vests are excellent for your adult spaniel, especially if you love to be out in all kinds of weather and stay out for long periods.

waterproof coats such as the one above also cover part of the legs and most of the underbody of your dog, this is great if you are frequently walking muddy trails.

These are usually made of nylon and will keep your pup dry and warm even when the vest is wet.

These are also wonderful for extended fishing or camping trips when the weather is less than desirable.

High visibility dog coats

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When you and your pup are hiking, and it’s hunting season, a high visibility vest is a necessity and should always be worn if you walk around close to any sporting grounds. Your dog could accidentally be mistaken for game and accidentally injured.

These vests are also great in helping you locate your springer. They usually are available in bright green or orange Hi-Vis. These vests can be bought with reflective strips attached.
This allows you to keep your dog in sight, even if you’re out after dark, allowing you quickly locate them.

Dog Life Jacket? Does My Springer Spaniel Need One?

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If you take your springer fishing, using a boat, or take them boating, they will need a flotation vest. 

Even though springer spaniels can swim, if you are far out in the boat or currents are rough, if they should end up overboard, these dog life jackets will keep your spaniel buoyant until you can safely “fish” them out.

Check out our full guide here on dog life jackets


Measuring your dog for a coat is super simple; all you need are 3 measurements.

  1. The length of your dog from the collar to the base of the tail.
  2. The girth of the dog around the deepest part of the chest, just behind the front legs.
  3. The neck, measure around where the collar would sit.

Using the above measurements, you can easily work out the size dog coat you need using the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

The first two are the important ones as the neck will usually fit the size you need in the first two measurements.

I would recommend getting a very slightly bigger size, so you have a little wiggle room in the straps for a better fit.

In Summary

Take your springer’s cue. If they are running around in cold weather but seem fine, then they shouldn’t need a coat, but when temperatures plummet and conditions are icy, neither you nor your pup will be moving too fast on your walks.

Add a coat or vest, and make sure it is one that is easy to get on and off, so there’s no struggle. Most are made for quick and easy on and off.

Your springer spaniel doesn’t have to join the fashion parade, but they can always be warm, comfortable, and dry wearing just the right coat or vest for their needs.

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