How to Tire Out a Springer Spaniel – 7 Tips For An Active Dog




How to Tire Out a Springer Spaniel

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Springer spaniels make a superb family dog, especially if the family is an active, outdoorsy clan. Spaniels and spaniel puppies need a lot of exercise and may become hyper without it.

They seem to have limitless energy, and you wonder if they will ever tire and settle down. In the following reading, I’m going to clue you in on how to tire out a springer spaniel.

Active Springer Spaniels

The springer spaniel is an obedient, friendly, and playful chap and extremely active and filled with tons of energy. Bred as a working dog, they’ve spent much time in the forest and field over the years. They are rough, tough, and built sturdily for outdoor work and play in any weather.

As a family pet, of course, they won’t be outdoors as much, but they still need a fair share of exercise and activity. Springer puppies especially can be quite boisterous, rowdy, and at times a real handful.

When they have made it through puppyhood and into adulthood, they generally do calm down somewhat, but again, exercise is essential.

Many owners think that their springer spaniel borders on the hyperactive, but this is just a case of your pup needing both physical and mental stimulation. The springer spaniel is by no means a couch potato breed.

Walking your spaniel is an excellent way to start, but to curb that constant energetic enthusiasm, you will need to mix up the exercise to tire them out.

How to Tire Out a Springer Spaniel

Exercising and tiring your springer spaniel out will be an ongoing job and one that does not afford any shortcuts. You cannot merely dangle a toy like you would for a cat to keep pouncing at. This won’t do the trick.

It will help immensely if you or your family lead a very active outdoor lifestyle. Exercising your spaniel is something that is required each and every day in good and bad weather.

It will help if you like to stay fit and exercise and have a love of the outdoors. If this is the case, it won’t seem like a chore or giant undertaking. Below are some ideas for tiring out your springer spaniel.


Walking your spaniel should not be a mindless task where your dog walks while your mind is on a different planet. There should be communication and interaction, especially on what you want your pup to do, such as “walk,” “go,” “sit,” “stay,” and so forth.

This can be added training and will give exercise as well as stimulation for your springer’s brain.

Picking up the pace will burn more energy and tire your pup out more. If you are a jogger, this will be an asset that will be fantastic for both you and your springer.

You may also walk your pup off the lead in safe areas, parks, or fields with no nearby traffic.

It is best if your springer has been trained to stay by your side or come when called so they don’t run off into the woods.

When walking with your pup off the lead, stay with them and interact. Encourage exploration so they can use that great nose of theirs and run with them in open areas.

Tug of War

You will be hard-pressed to find a dog that does not enjoy playing tug of war.

Tug of war can also be a great game for teaching your dog the release or leave it command.

Dog Parks

Take your springer to a nearby dog park. If other dogs are there, you may get a break and rest from running around as they will find dog friends to run with.

Playing with other dogs will keep your pup entertained while running with a new pack, providing them the opportunity to burn off all of that endless energy.

By interacting with other dogs, they will have playtime and also much-needed socialization.


Hiding items, toys, or treats for your springer to find is a super retrieval game and is excellent for them to use their instinctual working dog mentality.

If you are into sports, there are canine sports that you and your springer spaniel can participate and compete in.

Flyball and agility are two great sports for dogs and their owners and can help create a strong bond and add many other benefits, both mental and physical.

Check out an organization or club that may offer these and give them a try.

These sports are fantastic fun and an excellent way to mentally stimulate your pup and wear them out with all of the robust physical activity.

Both of you will have to use your brains for these fun activities.


Hiking is another fun thing to do with your spaniel on your own or with the whole family. Long hikes with some rest on the way offer great fun and adventure along with the chance for strenuous exercise.

You may even consider your springer carrying a pack with supplies. Packs for dogs can be purchased, and they are safe as long as you follow directions and never have them carry more than their weight allows.

This will give them a job, which helps their working dog motto and will tire them out. They can even carry their own snacks and water dish. The weight also provides resistance, which is good for your spaniel’s muscles.


Another activity that provides resistance training is swimming.

Swimming is a wonderful workout and benefits your pup because they will be working all of their muscles. Also, dogs that don’t swim often, even those that are hyper, become more tired than when participating in land exercise.

Swimming is a great way to tire out a springer!

If your spaniel loves the water you may want to consider a life jacket for your pup, check out our guide here

Playing Frisbee

Playing frisbee can be a great way to tire out your springer as he will be on the move a lot and at a high pace. Start out with a soft frisbee, not hard plastic; let your dog get used to playing the game. As they learn, you can get a plastic one to allow you to throw it further for them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different ways for how to tire out a springer spaniel. If you are reading this because you are considering getting a springer spaniel, think carefully if a springer spaniel is compatible with you and your family.

Some breeds are happy with short daily walks and are more suited if your lifestyle is a sedentary one. If you and your family are on the go and your activities revolve around sports and the outdoors, the springer spaniel just may be the breed for you.

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All content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned about the health of your pet, you should contact your vet for advice.

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