5 Reasons NOT to Get a Springer Spaniel




5 Reasons not to get a Springer Spaniel

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A Springer Spaniel is a great dog breed for someone who wants an energetic, intelligent, and playful companion.

However, they are also notoriously high-energy dogs that can be difficult to manage if not given the right amount of exercise and attention.

If you’re considering getting one of these beautiful pups as your next pet, then here are 5 Reasons NOT to get a Springer Spaniel and reconsider!

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1 – Springers need lots of exercise

A typical springer needs about Two hour’s worth of exercise every day to stay healthy. If you live in a small apartment or flat without any space outside your home for your pup to roam around, then the springer spaniel may not be the dog for you.

A springer will also enjoy exploring new environments, which means lots of opportunities where they can run off-leash outside.

Springers have almost unlimited energy, and if they do not have a way to use up some of that energy, they may become destructive around the home, chewing furniture, ETC, though not all will do this.

2 – springer spaniels require regular grooming

To keep on top of tangles and mats, so if you are not a fan of dog grooming or not willing to keep up the commitment of regular grooming, a springer spaniel may not be what you are looking for in a dog.

Besides regular grooming, springers benefit from being clipped out around 3 to 4 times a year to help keep them tangle-free and make them cleaner around the home.

Clipping your dog 3 to 4 times a year may be an added expense to keeping a springer if you are not comfortable doing this yourself or do not have the equipment to do it.

Springer spaniels DO shed their fur around twice a year, so if you are house-proud or have allergies, this little guy may not be for you. The shedding can be massively helped with proper grooming as above, but you can not stop them from shedding, so expect to be cleaning up some hairs around the home!

3 – springers require both physical and mental exercise

Like all dogs, springers need training, but springers can enjoy training as it is a form of mental stimulation; as springers are bred as working dogs, they are very driven and require that stimulation.

A simple game of fetch is great to provide this stimulation, but if you can not make or find the time to do this sort of thing with your dog DAILY then they can become bored, and a bored dog left to its own devices usually becomes a destructive dog, digging up lawns, chewing things, ETC.

Again, if you do not have time to give a springer, you should probably rethink getting a dog.

4 – Springers are loyal, affectionate dogs

Springers love their owners and family and love spending time with them, so if you work long hours and know deep down you will not be able to give a springer the time it needs, then this is not the breed for you.

They can also suffer from separation anxiety when parted from loved ones for long periods, leading to excessive barking or howling. Springers are very social dogs, so being coupled up alone all day is not suitable for them.

5 – The Springer Spaniel is not the dog for you if you are looking for a gaurd dog.

The springer spaniel may bark defensively to strange sounds around the home or garden or may even bark at strangers entering the home, but that is usually as far as it goes. 

They do not do well as protection dogs, as through selective breeding over many years, they have been bred to be very social and easy-going, allowing them to do well when working with other people and dogs.

Final Thoughts

So do you still think you should get a springer spaniel? You may think they are the right dog for you but are you the right owner for them? This is the real question to ask.

The reading above may seem like springers are all doom and gloom; they are not that at all. If you can give them what they need, they are, for me, the best dogs in the world!

– The springer spaniel is not for you if you have a small living space and outdoor area

– The springer spaniel is not for you if you are short on time

– The springer spaniel could irritate allergies, so choose carefully

– Be sure to take into consideration exercise needs

-Springers do not make good guard dogs

Springers are not all bad! Here are 10 Great Reasons to Get a springer spaniel?


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